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Patty Radish

I found myself holding my breath through almost the entire post! This is horrible! I truly hope your Magpie will get better soon. Many prayers and high hopes for a speedy recovery! Stay strong!


Holding y'all up to the light - Lyme is some scary stuff

Gina Geronime

Oh LK, that dear dear girl and her dear dear mom...she'll get through this and when she does she think about all of the love and care that you and your whole family showered her with. It will stay with her always, the love. I have been holding her close in my heart and in my thoughts every day. Let's get together again soon - I miss you.

Glenda Hoagland

Will be praying for Magpie and will put her name on our prayer list at church.

Wendy Milone

I'm sorry to hear that Maggie has Lyme's. I was sick throughout my entire childhood. My parents were poor and we lived in a project. Whatever was going around I got. I know what it is like to be a sick child. I soothed my own loneliness by reading books. I always had a stack of library books by my bed. My plate is filled to the brim right now so I know how you feel. And, most definitely, I know how Maggie feels. I find the most catharsis when I share what has happen. Just putting it out into the universe seems to help because if we don't know then we can't help. This is the wisest thing you can do by sharing your problems with those who care about you, myself included. Sometimes, there is nothing comparable to the kindness and good wishes of strangers. I will keep your daughter in my prayers and my lighted candles. Life presents challenges. It's not so much the challenge. Rather, it is, the way we choose to meet those challenges. God Bless you and your family.


I am so sorry to hear this, LK. Prayers prayers prayers for her and all of you! My manager's daughter had Lyme Disease and missed almost a year of high school. She was an athlete and also had delayed diagnosis. You will be happy to know that she just graduated with honors from Cornell and is employed full time in a leadership program at a major corporation. I hope Maggie recuperates quickly as those meds kick in.


Hi. Your daughter is so lucky to have a mom like you and I bet you feel just as lucky having her as a daughter. That goes without saying, huh? I am so glad that you pressed for the Lyme test. so many people don't take it seriously and after having worked in a clinic, I have seen what delayed diagnosis can do to a person. she sounds like a fighter and I have a feeling she is going to make it through just fine and will be back in school in no time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


emily cline

oh dear lord, LK. I'm so sorry. She, you, and your family are in my thoughts and prayers from now forward. xoxoxo

Catherine Witherell

I'm so sorry too. Hold her close and do all the right things. I will pray you get through this together. xo

Jill K. Berry

I am a mother, I feel this all the way through and am sending you all the healing thoughts I can muster. Both for you and your Magpie. I will light a candle and remember you, and hope that very soon she is back in the saddle.

Big Tony

I will keep you and Maggie in my prayers. I must admit that I am a bit relieved, not that Lyme Disease isn't serious, but A.L.L. starts with flu like symptoms, and that one really scares me. God bless you both.

Kelly Snelling

i'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. i'm so sorry this illness has happened to maggie and for you, her mama. i know how terrible it is to feel frustrated with your own body when it lets you down. and to have that happen to your daughter, well, that breaks a mother's heart. i will absolutely keep maggie and you all lifted up in prayer, centered in light, to the face of God. don't you think twice about not posting or reading emails. you have your priorities straight so do not worry about those distractions now. breathe easy and try not to let it all get too heavy. 'thinking of you and sending you much kindness from my heart.


oh no, poor sweet Maggie, poor mama. My heart goes out to you both. I will keep you in my thoughts.
I miss you, I miss our wrong turns around and around the library with John, and our exhausting art journeys.

Sarah Fishburn

All I have is thoughts and prayers for you all, dear. Sending love. xxo


Sending oh so much love and prayers and visions of health to you and your daughter Maggie. I am so sorry to read this news. Thank you for sharing. You are an intuitive and wise woman, and a wonderful mother.
Hugs and Prayers,

Marinko Kordich

We are keeping Maggie and your family in our thoughts and prayers. I contacted Limes disease in '94,it was attacking my heart. My wife has had it twice. We are praying for a total and complete recovery for your beloved little one.

Tom Bekele-Arcuri

So sorry to hear about your daughter. My wife treats a lot of people with Lyme so I understand a little bit about what you are facing. We live in the epicenter of Lyme disease in NY and I am paranoid about letting the kids go out; I've been bitten multiple times and pulled many, many ticks off myself literally every time I step off the lawn, pick up firewood, move rocks, pet the dogs, etc. She is in our prayers, as are you all. I hope she has a full recovery. T

Diane Moline

I will be thinking of you and Maggie and will keep checking on her progress when you can post it.


Oh LK! Poor sweet girl! Poor mama! Keeping you all in my prayers.


Prayers and healing wishes being sent for Maggie, Mom and your whole family.

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