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Christine Hickey

If only it could write about it's adventure...


I am so tickled you are posting. I do a similar thing with my blogs. Lots I want to say/share and some how can't get to it/find the words and then time passes and life is different. I've stopped by to re-look at the journal from paint sample brochures. I love the scraped, sprayed paint technique you shared and I wanted to refresh myself with the whole process. And here you are...hooray! I think the pen missed you...and I so love reading your stories of your adventures and your littles. Thanks so much.

Gina Geronime

LK, just another creepy connection for us...I have a pen that I bought in the University of Pittsburgh Bookstore when I arrived on campus and was purchasing my very first round of books. That would have been August of 1984. I love the pen, it is a little Papermate clicker that I have to refill and I happily do. It is black and silver and my sister has tried to steal it from me numerous friends. Each time I pull it out of my purse to write a check, sign a receipt, etc. I get a comment on it and trust me it is an inexpensive little pen (but they don't make them anymore). I keep it in my wallet in a loop by my checkbook. I took out my wallet last week to write three checks and it was GONE. I have searched everywhere and I can't find it. I know that there are bigger problems in the world but it's really bumming me out. It's been with me for almost 30 years. Please ask your pen if it has seen my pen and if so, can it please tell my pen to come home. It's mom misses it terribly...


Cool pens are the best.

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