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Molly Vollmer

For storage that won't distract you, the Office Depot has bank boxes that are inexpensive and the right size to store tools and supplies without being too big to carry. They can be stacked on the floor or on shelves.
I got your Nature Journal book this week and can't wait to gather stuff from the garden. I live in the PNW so it's winter now, but I know how to hunt:)

Dawn Edmonson

It's always exciting to me to set up a new studio space!! I love the room LK and know you'll have it arranged perfectly to suit you. It's so great that you can store your bulky supplies downstairs and bring up chosen things to the new space. Please keep us updated with your progress!! xxoo, Dawn


I often thought about you, LK. I just assumed that work and motherhood was more than enough to eat up your blogging time. Glad you are back and best of luck with the room. Sounds so exciting!


so glad you are back. and yes. that child's footprint. a keeper.


Welcome, back, LK. I think of you often - just recently used a photo I'd colored in last May's art and soul class, and now I'm itching to do more!

sharon furner

Such serendipity: three days ago I brought out all of your books. I missed not seeing your blog with its beautiful and thoughtful work. I wondered "where had you gone, were you ill, something sad in your life." For some reason I checked your site early this morning and there was your post from yesterday. I was so excited, and so happy for you. Wonderful for you to have a new studio area; but for the rest of us, such a pleasure to know that you will continue to inspire us.

I often wondered what happened to your other book....but it would seem it will not happen. But there will be other books, or classes that you will create with passion, integrity and full creativity.

Welcome back. I hope your other admirers have the "thought" to check your blog.... The best to you...smiles: sharon

Barbara Rainey

I've missed you... So glad you're beginning!


Welcome back, LK! Good luck with your new studio space.
Remember, you are awesome!

So glad you're back...can't wait to see what you make next!!!


Hope all is well with you. Thrilled to see you back on the blog. Looking forward to what's next.

That floor is gorgeous as is. I love the life in it.


You are back! Yea!! You have been missed!


Being a fellow ADDer with dyslexia I understand the need for things to be front an centre but not too much stuff, it drains the brain fast! Sounds like you have a great plan in mind for the room, love that your family gravitate to where you are :-)


So glad to see you back! Your voice was missed.

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