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Glenda Hoagland

Thanks for this post, I can relate to what you are saying. After I saw you at ArtFest this year, I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in both breasts. Needless to say this has been a really interesting time. However, faith and really good friends and relatives have made it good. Also, the creative process has really enhanced my spirit. I decided to spend this journey creating and that takes your mind off of the trauma of a cancer diagnosis. Reading your blog also helps because you have such a refreshing approach to everything. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope to see you next year at ArtFest 2012.

carol sloan

Oh, LK, I can certainly understand this post. Seems like the last couple of years has been a real test of faith with my husband and me (not "us" but our circumstances). One thing after another, lay off after lay off, broken bones, illness, family deaths, blah blah blah...I often wonder how people that do not have "faith in something, in someone" make it through all these dark times.


I'm sorry. I hope things get better. But I'm glad for the blessings and the love.


hang in there, yes I can totally relate. its been a difficult time so far, and I am trying to see the sunshine, the possibility, the way through things... Its good to know that nothing stays the same. that things change, and yes, spring will get here again sometime! hope things are coming round for you now. thanks for the beauty and the healing heart words!
have a peaceful and lovely weekend there


it has been a while that I have been meaning to say I am missing you and hoping things are better. Would love to see an update and hear how you are doing.

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