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Wow thanks for sharing all this.
Will it be an online class too (yeah i am boring with asking you this all the time, sorry about that).
I really LOVE your "just 3 books" and learned a lot. So i wish you will do more book binding online classes in the future.
I hope Sunny is okay !

Sues Scott

Her face is so sweet, your niece must be too. Great work. Praying your little one is ok.


Yummy process!

Christine Kalina

This is just fabulous! Serendipity! I hope Sunny is feeling better!


Being in a zone and working intuitively is the absolute best! So glad you got to re-visit that absorbing mind-set! Love the new journal cover idea. I also get all kinds of ideas for covers and bookbinding from interesting sources. And , sometimes I see figures in my work, too. But, I cannot really bring them to life in sketch form and you really can. Isn’t it great when the unconscious drops off a lovely calling card? Long live the creative life, L.K.!


I love your should write and publish them in one of these fabulous books of yours :-) Hope Sunny is back to sunny!


She is just beautiful! Thanx for sharing!

Lisa MB

That was outstanding! I love how you managed to keep your directive, more conscious brain busy while your unconscious painted your niece. It's like painting a dream without losing bits of it as you're waking up.
Cool, man.

Marcy McKenzie

tell us the name off the new binding so we can sign up for the class!!! Looks and sounds great!!


That reminds me of the journals I started making because I wanted the same things! *G* Added pockets, a pen-loop, and got something that, like you said, has the sturdiness of a hardcover but is flexible in my hands. Mine have quilt batting in there, too, so they feel like soft pillows you could cuddle with. ;) I do like your covered spine...I'll have to work on that!

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