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For whatever reason, that litter is gorgeous.. A rich chocolate color!... Precious, simply precious!.


They are so adorable! I can only imagine how exhausting it must be, though.

Christine Kalina

Oh my goodness! Sweetness! Congratulations to Lilah and all of you! Our yellow lab Mis Maggie extends her congrats as well.


Beautiful puppies!


That's the best story I've read in a looong time. Adorable pups and funniest sleep deprivation story I've ever heard! Laughed so hard I had tears. Tanner wanted to cuddle the pups up with him wrapped in a blanket.


Wow, LK! What an amazing experience you are having. I really love how you said that you are maternal, and I love how that translates to the special care of any tiny being, even puppies. Of course puppies are adorable, but as you said, there's so much work to be done for them, especially if Lilah isn't helping as much as she could. Thank you for doing what you do and being who you are. Hope all goes well and all eight pups grow to be healthy and strong.


There's nothing as cute as a newborn puppy...congratulations to Lilah and the whole Ludwig family

Debbie L

Your pups are precious! You ARE one determined mommy cause that has to be a ton of work! Hope they are growing up with big fat bellies (cause big puppy bellies are so cute!) My best to you and yours.

lk ludwig

I miss you!!  How are things?!!!  


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