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I've gone through grief a few times.. I've found its like a tide coming going in and out... grief can be deep depending on the relationship one has had w/the one who is no longer...I've grown a lot since those losses...Sounds like u are cresting... its an on going process...


Grief brings with it an avalanche of emotions and you'll find yourself moving through them over the course of time. Be kind to yourself and know that it's part of the process and that it's ok to feel all the things you're feeling. Hugs.


I completely love your style of binding journals. It is very exciting when you share new ones!

Also, I am sending you healing hugs. I'm so sorry for your loss.

gina armfield

this came out great! I knew you would do something fabulous with those boards ;)

Christine Merritt

I am curled up in my rocker, sending you a long warm hug... with kleenex in hand and love in my pockets for you.. write through it, hug your children and know that Carol will smile down on you.

There are no words for grief, but we have to find some words to help wash away the pain... LK I hope you are able to find lots and lots of words to help you through.

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