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Thanks for sharing this, LK! I love the Hallelujah Chorus, and I didn't even go to Catholic school!


I just posted this on my blog and wrote essentially the same thing - cried all the way through it.


Here's another along the same lines. Since I performed in Handel's Messiah for a couple of holiday seasons, hearing these never fails to move me and make me sing along. Enjoy!

Sues Scott

Wonderful! Merry Christmas !


Never fails to raise the chill bumps all over me. Grew up Baptist, sang in the chorus for years. Wonderful, wonderful memories. Thank you!


who says the sacred and the secular can't meet???????

Christine Merritt

my daughter sings at the Grotto here in Portland Oregon next week... her first year in a Catholic school (it is a struggle for her) - being accepted into the choir sharing the music is what is holding her up and helping her cope. We both cried watching this today.

As always the things that fill your heart - the things you share - always always fill mine too.


brenda shackleford

Give me a Kleenex too! Thank you so much for sharing, absolutely wonderful to see the divine in the ordinary:)

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