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Ann Somerset Miles (wild somerset child & journaling the journal)

LK, I do hope you feel better soon; there is nothing worse than feeling ill and exhausted with young children AND work to accomplish. (And I'm afraid I have missed nearly all of the Poetry & Dreams workshop I signed up for because I have been working non-stop for weeks and weeks and weeks.) Take care of yourself. Ann from UK


Sorry to read that you now have a stomach bug. I hope that you soon will be better again and not fatigue anymore so that you can do what you want/need to do.
Your journal looks wonderful.
Lovely to know that you planning new online classes. I am busy finishing shadow & light and Poetry & Dreams (having a great time working on them) and started this week in my story telling journal.

Greetings from Jolande


get well soon. your journal is like beautiful music to my ears. i am jumping with excitement knowing a new online class is coming up soon.

Ramona Gault

Please give yourself a chance to rest, LK! I learned the hard way that I had to allow myself to recover from stress and illness. After all, it is what we ARE that makes a difference, not the amount of things we do. With love to you!

leslie M.

I'm sorry you're not feeling up to par, and a stomach bug . . . well, ewww. I hate those.

I love the look of your binding prototype. Very nice!

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