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If i happen to make the cut, I will think of you and your littles while romping the grounds of Port Townsend. :) We've already decided it will be a family affair. The girls will bring costumes and we will experience the celebration of a different town where there is a coastal magic so very beautiful and different from ours. This, of course, after a few days of chasing elfs and searching for goblins in the Olympic Peninsula State Park. :)

lk ludwig

It helps that you are within driving range of Pt. T! Last years Pt. T Halloween activities were pretty cool, so you guys will have a ton of fun!




You know I'd have made the exact same choice you've made LK for the same reason. I missed Tanner's very first Halloween dress-up and trick or treating experience at his pre-school because I had to teach a class at work and I still regret it. I look at the photos and am so sad I wasn't there. He doesn't remember it at all but the memory of standing in that class when my heart ached to be with him is something I'll never forget.

Now, the idea of making Halloween in PT a family affair is an interesting one and easily done since we're so close. I may have to explore that a bit with the family.

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