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God what a good price! I know from previous experience you pack a lot of lessons in one week let alone 6 ! THANKYOU DEARHEART. I just love this.


count me in, yes yes yes......xx


i've tried to leave a comment and this may be duplicated - but i'm excited about taking this count me in! xxx

carol sloan

LK - kuos to you in keeping the price down! So many artists price their classes so high that you can't afford supplies to go along with it...Good Karma - that's what it is - good karma for you.


LK - this is wonderful! f I am very slow at getting to the lessons, will they be available after Jan 31st>

Happy Turkey Day!!

Betsy Budney

since you've been posting videos, i'm assuming there will be some. will there also be written instructions? hope you had as good a thanksgiving as i did :)


well, i've been lurking around in the background for awhile--appreciating your blog, your photographs, but now, i'm drawn to this class, and i'm here to say thanks! i await supply suggestions, although i never need an excuse to visit dick blick...

Ann Somerset Miles (wild somerset child)

I've been dithering but this is too good to be true. So I will be signing up in the next few days, and just hope there will not be any specialist materials needed that I cannot obtain in the UK. Thanks so much for offering the opportunity to study with you from the other side of the Atlantic.

Ann Somerset Miles (wild somerset child & journaling the journal)

LK - I've just signed up and paid! Can't wait for the first assignment and am really looking forward to all the lessons. I hope I can keep up with all that is required of me.

Angela Barribeau

Whoo-hoo!!! I just signed up and paid!!! I'm psyched now! (This is going to help me get through FINALS next week!!!) I can do a class during my Christmas break at college and not feel like any of my studies are suffering! YAY!!!
Thank you LK!

Angela Barribeau

PS. (It's a small world!) My husband was just in your neck of the woods last week! He flew into Pittsburgh and drove to Altoona, PA. He said it was beautiful country!!! My sister lives in Westernport, MD, so I imagine the country is similar?!

Janice Richie

Hi LK! I took the class similar to this in Portland with you this year. I'm still going to sign up for the painted journal as a refresher and it looks like you'll be teaching more techniques since there's more time! Thank you for keeping the price down. I got two other people to sign up too! I'm excited! I think I'll try using the paper bags for this one. Thanks again!

Angela Rand

LK I'm excited about taking this class with you. We do so wish you would come to the southeast/gulf coast to teach! Meanwhile this will do. It's my Christmas present to me! Thank you for doing this.


Yippee, signing up now. Was directed to your sight from Loretta Benedetto Marvel's blog about your the Light of Winter photo prompt.

Chris Cosentino

What a great class, hope you don't mind I'm joining a little late. I'm actually laid up for the next month and I think this will be a great way to get some creative time in! Thanks, Chris C.

maria little

What a great idea - i just found myself here via Katie Kendrick. I'm in Puget Sound area. I will be off-line much of Jan & although you have this available until Feb 14 - will you offer again shortly after that? thank you. m. little

Alice Arterburn

I just signed up...what a fantastic price and cool binding technique. One of my friends was talking about your book binding at our art club yesterday and I surfed into your website. Amazing...

William Charlebois

Will you be offering this class again? It says it is going offline Feb. 14. Although it says you can join at any time. Perhaps I can join now and just download everything.

Karen Carr

I, also, am interested if you are going to offer this class again. Is it just too late to sing up due the the time frame the lessons will remain online.


I hope you offer this class again. I'd love to do it.

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