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Becky New

Hi... do we have to have P&S 1 & 2 as pre-req's in order to take P&S 3? I love the sound of your classes! Anxious to hear this answer... :)
Thank you!


just found your blog! I'd also like to know if we have to have had the first 2 classes, or we can just jump right in in December (or January maybe? I'm kinda broke with Christmas coming up) It looks like allot of fun though!

Jennifer Joanou

Hi LK... Tried to post this and can't tell if it did or not so you might get this twice! I just signed up for P & S 3 and after I payed it seemed like I was supposed to be redirected to your blog/website but it wouldn't go for some reason - seemed stuck. Is there another step after I pay or do you send an e-mail. Let me know what to do... can't wait to take your on-line class.

Maria Hyman

Are you having a point and shoot journaling: FOUR in January 2010? Perhaps I can still do December's.

Thank you, Maria

lynda howells

when is the next one please? left a message on one of your other days....LOVE your work and having just found you was lost for an hour in your workxlynda
my web site is my art therapy site.
Merry christmas and a Happy new Year and hope to hear from you soon.x lynda

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