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Beverly Gilbert

Love your poem and am so intrigued with the prompt. I will make a push to recall some snippets of my dreams and add them to my new journal - that you inspired me to create.

Meri Arnett-Kremian

Wonderful challenge. Such a rich vein to tap. By the way, how's the wrist? You were in such misery Saturday that I kept wishing you'd leave us and head to the emergency room.

judy wise

I usually remember my dreams vividly and have thought about the emotional residue; I never seem to deal with negative emotions in my waking moments but have often wept tears of loss and fury while asleep. Yes, I know what that means. Great prompt.


oh yes LK - my dreams fuel many a page - holding them carefully is a kind of yoga - such a great prompt... sending you love from up here as the green things poke out their little heads at last

xox - eb.


i love your poem.
already artfest feels like a dream... i want to go back to sleep! :-)

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